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General Liability

DeSisto Law is in a unique position to assist organizations and employers with some of the most damaging and difficult claims and allegations that they may field, including property damage, personal injury, wrongful death, and discrimination.

We have a long and successful history of working with large municipal employers, private schools, and other businesses and organizations in Rhode Island and elsewhere.  Our team is dedicated to resolving serious issues that can affect both large and small organizations.  We work with insurers and other parties to resolve various issues, including tort claims and employment discrimination claims.  We are experts in handling complex legal issues where constitutional matters intersect with employers’ duties to employees.  

With our experience, we are prepared for whatever comes next, and we take a hands-on, strategic approach to help employers through the process.  We have experience mediating and resolving many disputes out of court, and with extensive experience in trial preparation, discovery and appellate practice, we are in a position to counsel businesses and insurers on the nature of their dispute and potential outcomes.

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